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Terms of Service


General payment terms are that the first 50% is due on commencement of any project, the second 25% on completion of phase 2 and the final 25% of completion of the full project.

Payment terms on any 3rd party or production costs are 50% upfront and 50% on delivery.

After a period of 60 days an interest rate of 19% will be charged monthly on the total outstanding amount unless otherwise agreed upon and signed by both parties.

Quotes are valid for 20 days from the date of proposal, after which we reserve the right to re-cost. Also, once the quote has been approved, we reserve the right to re-cost, and/or re-coup costs already incurred if the commencement or any phase of the project is delayed by the Client for more than 30 days.

ApexMedia will pay all suppliers within 30 days unless agreements are entered into that state otherwise.

ApexMedia banking details are as follows:

Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 62459845552
Branch Code: 250655
Reference: Your invoice number


All strategy work includes one revert unless stated otherwise as all solutions are developed jointly and in consultation. Any major revert will be considered as re-brief and the project will be redefined accordingly.

All creative/design work includes two reverts unless stated otherwise. Any major revert will be considered as re-brief and the project will be redefined accordingly.

Third party terms of service

Each third party service provider has its own unique Terms of Service. By enlisting these servers you are accepting such terms. We advise that you be aware of the rules of each provider and ensure you comply with their policies.

Changes in scope

Any changes in the scope of work will be treat as new service requests. Any out of scope requests will be billed at the standard studio rate. A 50% rush fee will be charged for any out of scope requests that demand delivery within 24 hours of request.

Ownership & usage

All work remains property of ApexMedia until paid for in full. ApexMedia reserves the right to alter, sell or permanently remove the work from the public domain at any time it is deemed necessary to do so. Usage by the client is at the discretion of ApexMedia as prescirbed . ApexMedia is not liable for any patent application and or lodging costs or searches thereof. If ApexMedia develops a new patent during a project, it will then be the property of ApexMedia unless otherwise negotiated.


Disbursements and Materials are charged at a rate of 16.5% as a separate item and added to cover costs of computer materials, administration, telecommunication, data costs, print outs, local ad hoc travel costs as specifically agreed and courier fees that conform to the “normal business delivery” within the main city that the project is managed in. If these disbursement & materials are exceeded ApexMedia reserves the right to charge for these at standard rates.

General fee exclusions:

Translation from English to any other language.
Any conversion to electronic templates other than conversions briefed.
Any elements over and above the scope of work as defined above will be quoted for separately.
Any 3rd party costs for example but not limited to prototyping, product design, event management.
Courier fees that do not conform the “normal business delivery.
The fee excludes travel costs for interviews, meetings and workshops outside of Johannesburg.
All travel will be logged into a costing schedule for client approval.


Clients will not make any offer of employment or employ any member of the ApexMedia team for the duration of the Project or for a minimum of six (6) months after completion of such Project. Should a client recruit any ApexMedia employee within this period there will be a recruitment fee levied of 100% of their annual salary.


All deliverables will be considered closed and finalized 15 days after presentation (i.e. copywriting, design, research, strategy). Any feedback received during this period will be discussed and actioned accordingly. Should the client fail to revert within this period the project will be considered closed and invoiced and the recommendations taken as approved.