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Seven Oaks General Hospital

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Housed in tandem with Seven Oaks General Hospital and The Wellness Institute, the new Chronic Disease Innovation Centre (CDIC) is a purpose-built research institution pursuing innovations in chronic disease management and prevention, healthcare processes, and treatment improvements. The organization, established in 2016, is fostering scientific collaboration especially around the need to find prevention-focused solutions for wellness and to improve the quality of life for patients.

With its emphasis on practical results, sophisticated data analysis, and integration with the on-the-ground medical applications, there are few research institutes like CDIC in the world. The organization engaged Manoverboard to develop a digital presence that would reflect its innovation and to create a dynamic platform for its published research, news and updates, and collaborations. A related goal was to use the site to attract medical practitioners who might be interested in pursuing work at CDIC.

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Our Solution

Manoverboard spoke with all key stakeholders at the hospital and CDIC to understand the direction of the organization and provide a strategy for moving forward. After identifying key audiences and building a system of wireframes, we designed a website that would act as CDIC’s digital touchstone, allowing it to expand its audience and deliver thought leadership, new research, and information about its evolving industry partnerships. The design features smooth animations and background video to give visitors a glimpse into the working of the organization. We worked closely with a writer to help craft the key messages throughout the site and to ensure that much of the site’s content would also be accessible to a lay audience. The new site elegantly marries approachable content with far-reaching medical and patient research.

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The CDIC site blessedly simple to use on the backend with a practical template that gives us the flexibility to continue to develop our story as we grow. How we tell our story affects who we attract as donors, collaborators, and customers and this website has done that well. We’re grateful to Manoverboard for being one of those business innovators and understanding what we needed.

—Toby Maloney, Public Relations Manager

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