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June 2016

There is nothing wrong with brands celebrating holidays, but when you are celebrating holidays simply because they exist, it’s time to re-consider your marketing strategy. Father’s Day has just gone by, and obviously your social media manager was scrambling around to find a cheesy image of a father and a son walking on the beach. Your brand makes knitting needles, so it went something like “Fathers are what make a close knit family”. Cute. But how many consumers see that on their feed and want to go out and buy your knitting needles? Lets take this further, you are a consumer and for whatever reason you enjoy crocheting (that’s a kind of knitting right?) so you see this post and what do you think? Im guessing you are just bored by the 2861763162316 father’s day posts you have already seen on your feed, or if you do engage with it, it just feels kind of flat. That indifference is because you know intrinsically that it is being done, just because. It means nothing. It stands for nothing. All it means is you have less data now. SEE SOME CAUTIONARY TALES HERE: http://www.inc.com/will-yakowicz/the-top-social-media-fails-2015.html So how do you create the kind of content that capitalises on

What we want Experience - first and foremost. A Social Media Manager who can plan, execute and nurture brand relationships across various social platforms for an array of Apex Media clients, working in a cross-functional team. Who you are A specialist. Seriously. We’re a team of T-shaped storytellers and communicators, who shift between the content, creative and strategic space. We’re looking for someone to dip in and share strategic recommendations, but whose POV is focused on social media, paid and analytics - with an eye to campaigns and the long-term commitment of community management. You must have experience working in a digital agency or editorial space, and must be proficient in the paid/online advertising space (Twitter, Facebook, Ad Words and YouTube). What you will do Work independently and with the content and creative team Develop social media strategy, editorial planning and calendars alongside the content team for roll out on social media across a range of campaigns and clients Plan and buy Twitter, Facebook and YouTube ads Build and maintain relationships with key influencers, manage as required in a long-term or on a campaigns basis Launch and maintain brand presences on key social media platforms as and when required Co-develop content ideas for social channels Monitor, analyse, manage and report on