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September 2013

Influence Dr. Robert Cialdini’s wrote a book called the “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”. The book was written almost 30 years ago and up to this day it is still a highly regarded book in marketing. For specialists and newbies, this is considered as one of the bible in social media, that each must have. The book talks about the six key principles of influence which are discussed below: Reciprocity We are wired to basically tend to return a favor. In psychology we just hate to feel indebted to other people. One of the best examples of this principle are those websites and other businesses that will give free services or products for a Facebook like, a Twitter re-tweet or a personal email. Quicksprout.com is a blog that focus on giving techniques and helping people, in return those regular visitors became the site’s loyal customers. Commitment and Consistency We want our beliefs to be consistent with our values. The key to attacking Cialdini’s principle of commitment and consistency is to get your fans and followers to make an initial commitment, because they are likely to behave in accordance with that commitment. Invite them to a free marketing seminar, free downloadable music then upsell them with the